Audit firm "Digression group" LLC was founded in 2001.

Highly qualified professionals are working in the company since it foundation date, such as certified auditors, trustee, arbitrator, legal advisors.

In 2007 "Audit firm" Digression group" received the Certificate which allows providing audit services to financial institutions (i.e. banks, insurance companies, asset management companies). Also in this year some of our workers received diplomas of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA Diplomas in International Financial Reporting).

The quality of services which "Audit firm" "Digression group" offer to our clients is based on global best practice of accounting firms.

In 2009 "Audit firm" Digression group" LLC successfully passed state quality control for audit companies.

In 2009 3 Employees received diplomas of Institute of Professional Financial Managers (IPFM) in such directions as International Financial Reporting, Internal Audit and Financial Management.

In July 2010 the director of "Audit firm" Digression group" LLC Marina Karpenko received diploma with appreciation for significant contribution to the development of audit in Ukraine.

Today, we not only retained our initial customers, but also expanded the customer base which includes large manufacturing companies and large agricultural companies, holding companies, banks, trading companies, companies operating in the stock market, as well as hotels, motels and businesses operating in services.

We have experience in auditing financial and tax reporting of the largest companies in various industries. Also we pay a great attention to the confidentiality of information received from the client. So we strive to achieve optimal results in efficient use of time clients and to adherence conditions of a contract.