Audit Firm “Degression Group”             

What requirements should the auditing company comply with to become one of the most called-for companies in Ukraine in the area of audit and consulting?

First of all, it is necessary to concentrate on forming a cohesive team of professionals. For successful implementation of this task, our company has gathered the leading experts of the market professionals in their fields, joined together by common goals and visions for the future perspectives. Our team includes 4 specialists with an ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting, more than 7 qualified auditors (A-level certificates), and professional lawyers and accountants having more than 15 years of valuable practical experience.

The second requirement is the aspiration to bring clients the maximum possible benefits. Competence used to find the best possible solutions for our clients has enabled us both to acquire a unique experience and realize effectively our potential in various areas of business. Long-term cooperation with more than 30 enterprises in Ukraine as well as acting as an industry leader, formed our company's reputation as being a reliable firm with faultless services and solid principles of work.

The third requirement is to continuously develop our company. Currently Audit Firm “Degression Group” is developing rapidly by constantly expanding the geography of clients, offering new services to clients, emerging the directions of operations, and increasing the number of highly-qualified professionals. We are prepared not only for holding the leading position among the accounting firms of Ukraine, but also becoming a member of one of the largest international associations in the field of auditing and consulting.


Audit Firm "Degression Group"
Marina Karpenko